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About Us

You. Us. Your next rock-star employee. Finding and hiring top talent isn't a question of filling a role; it's about developing relationships that increase everyone's bottom line.

We are a specialized team of 35, including a full-time research and support staff. We fill positions nationwide, as long as they are within digital media or ad technology. While we work with some of the biggest household names in the digital advertising space (read: companies our parents have heard of), our typical client is a 10-250 person VC backed startup. Our size and position as a boutique shop allow us the flexibility to provide the scale that smaller recruiting firms cannot offer, while enabling us to give you the personal attention and industry knowledge that the Big Guys cannot deliver.

Three Pillars connects some of the world's hottest companies with the people who drive them forward. It's the only thing we do, and we do it really well. We know the companies, the people and the technology in the digital media industry, and for us, it's all about cultivating the right personal relationships.

The digital media ecosystem is run on elbow grease, raw talent and caffeinated beverages. We find candidates with the work ethic and leadership skills necessary to propel our clients' success.

"I get knocked down, but I get up again"

We pride ourselves in our ability to roll with the punches and value individuals with tenacious spirits. We strive to maintain a culture that encourages and facilitates resilience through optimism.

"How would you rate this interaction?"

We believe that no interaction should ever be rated less than 4 stars. We strive to make every conversation a positive one through transparent, constructive, and collaborative communication.

"Build me up, buttercup"

We aim to always stay ahead of the curve and be better, faster, and stronger than we used to be. We strive to create a culture that empowers employee growth and autonomy.

"We’re all in this together"

We believe that every individual makes our organization stronger through their unique contributions. We strive to show each member of the team the respect, comradery, and appreciation that they deserve.

A little less conversation, a little more action

We believe that words are only as strong as the actions that back them up. We strive to hold ourselves accountable to each other, our clients, and our goals.

"Let your freak flag fly!"

We’re an eclectic bunch of personalities, people, and passions, and we believe our “weirdness” makes us stronger. We strive to maintain a work environment that encourages authenticity and self-expression.


Eric Adelman, President

Eric Adelman is an ambitious entrepreneur who is always looking for the Next New Thing. Eric is "that kid" who sold pogs and fireworks out of his sixth grade locker (and later talked his way out of serious punishment), and anybody who meets Eric knows that he can close the deal. With an innate passion for digital media, Eric has been building teams for startups and well-established companies since 2006. His expertise allows him to be a catalyst for the success of both his candidates' careers and his clients' vision. Since moving to Atlanta in 2008, Eric has enjoyed the dichotomy of easy Southern living and speaking with high-strung New Yorkers all day. He graduated with honors (Cum Laude) from Yeshiva University with a degree in Marketing and is a proud husband and father of a daughter and twin sons.

Avi Mally, CEO

Throughout college, Avi Mally always envisioned his future self as a slick-haired, shiny-suit clad Wall Street type who would conquer the world of finance. But after college he was quickly lured into the VC-backed startup scene, ultimately leading him into the world of building and scaling high-growth companies in the digital media space. Prior to Co-Founding Three Pillars, he served as Director of Business Development at AC Lion, an executive search firm with a focus on emerging digital media. He still holds the record for the highest first-year billing total in the company's twelve-year history. In 2007, he co-led the launch of the Retained Search Division, where he focused on VP, SVP, and C-level placements. Previously, as Research Manager for Nitron Circle of Experts, he oversaw the delivery of high-level industry research to hedge funds, venture capital firms, and top-tier investment banks. Nitron was acquired by Evalueserve, an offshore research and analytics firm with 1000+ employees founded in 2000 by former McKinsey and IBM executives. He graduated with a B.S. in Economics from Rutgers University and splits his family time between helping his wife indulge her adoration for Dave Matthews Band and Phil Phillips, wrangling his hyper four year old son, and doting over his infant daughter.

Josh Yehaskel, Chief Revenue Officer

Josh Yehaskel is our partner development guy, responsible for working with Three Pillars’ marquee clients and VC partners. Prior to joining Three Pillars he was Director, Advertising Sales at University Sports Publications responsible for working directly with professional and collegiate sports teams. A self-professed 'tech geek,' Josh has immersed himself deeply within the digital space and emerging technologies with a focus on business engineering. In his spare time he enjoys lock-picking, woodworking, and creating craft cocktails. He graduated from Yeshiva University with a triple major and honors in English, political science, and sociology.

Dan Goldsmith, Managing Director

Dan Goldsmith brings 15 years technology and media sales experience, 10 of which have been spent exclusively focused on executive recruiting across the digital media landscape. Dan has had the unique experience recruiting for some highly impactful and cutting edge organizations. Dan started his technology sales career selling enterprise level solutions for numerical computation, visual programming and algorithmic development at The Mathworks. He then built New York's first Digital Media Sales Recruiting practice at AC Lion where for 10 years he recruited for DoubleClick, Google, OpenX, Pontiflex and many many more. Dan is joining Three Pillars after a year with radical start-up, Narrative Science, where he was bringing rapidly scalable content generation to "AdTech" platforms and content publishers. Dan is a 1993 graduate of The University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he was a dean's list student and Nationally Ranked "Cat1" cyclist.

Avi Bogart, Managing Director

The Other Avi or simply ‘Bogart’, as he is more commonly known, brings an easygoing demeanor, a sharp wit and his insatiable need for getting the last laugh to Three Pillars. Oh, and revenue too- he’s a top producer and the go-to-guy for all things sales recruiting related. Avi’s professional tale began after a few years of studying abroad; he moved to NYC in 2006 where he joined The Moret Group, a clothing design office on Fashion Ave. He worked with some of the biggest names in retail including Macy’s, Wal-Mart and Kohl’s and shared a revolving door with Jay-Z from time to time while Hova was heading up to Rocawear on the 38th floor. Avi attended college in the evenings and in his spare time, married his high school sweetheart and had a baby girl. In late 2010, he realized NYC lacked adequate parking and moved back to his hometown of Atlanta, GA. After beating Super Mario Brothers, collecting all three Star Coins on every level thereby unlocking the secret Star World and collecting all three Star Coins there too, Avi joined Three Pillars Recruiting where he's been kicking ass and taking names ever since. He currently resides in Atlanta with his wife, son and two daughters.

The Team

Eliza Adams Eliza Adams

Eliza Adams

Recruiting Coordinator

Laura Aday Laura Aday

Laura Aday

Senior Executive Recruiter

Bethany Baer Bethany Baer

Bethany Baer

Vice President, Sales Support

Razelle Balota Razelle Balota

Razelle Balota

Director, R&D

Melissa Dishuk Melissa Dishuk

Melissa Dishuk

Recruiting Coordinator

Elisabeth Erdmann Elisabeth Erdmann

Elisabeth Erdmann

Sales Development Representative

Ben Feldman Ben Feldman

Ben Feldman

Vice President, Recruiting

Christina Ferrante Christina Ferrante

Christina Ferrante

Senior Executive Recruiter

Gavin Frank Gavin Frank

Gavin Frank

Executive Vice President, Recruiting

Adam Frohlinger Adam Frohlinger

Adam Frohlinger

Vice President, Recruiting

Itamar Hakakian Itamar Hakakian

Itamar Hakakian

Vice President, Recruiting

Dov Halpern Dov Halpern

Dov Halpern

Director, Recruiting

Sandy Jacobson Sandy Jacobson

Sandy Jacobson

Executive Recruiter

Jared Jerez Jared Jerez

Jared Jerez

Sales Development Representative

Shani Klein Shani Klein

Shani Klein

Senior Executive Recruiter

Nicole Kochenash Nicole Kochenash

Nicole Kochenash

Sales Development Representative

Tony Maggio Tony Maggio

Tony Maggio

Executive Recruiter

Sam Nelms Sam Nelms

Sam Nelms

Sales Development Representative

Elizabeth Palmer Elizabeth Palmer

Elizabeth Palmer

Senior Executive Recruiter

Jeremy Schwartz Jeremy Schwartz

Jeremy Schwartz

Director, Operations

Amanda Siegelman Amanda Siegelman

Amanda Siegelman

Senior Vice President, Recruiting

Alastair Steward Alastair Steward

Alastair Steward

Director, People & Culture

Swanky J Swanky J

Swanky J


Stephen Wettstein Stephen Wettstein

Stephen Wettstein

Vice President, Recruiting

Allyson White Allyson White

Allyson White

Recruiting Coordinator