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A Step Above the Rest

Posted on September 24, 2014 in Recruiting 101

What makes a service desirable?
1. Responsiveness- understanding and meeting customer needs in a timely manner
2. Reliability-going above and beyond to deliver promises
3. Knowledgeable team members

Not only does Three Pillars Recruiting possess the aforementioned characteristics, but it provides two additional in-house features, which most other recruiting companies do not. Three Pillars has two support teams: one devoted to research and development and a second which assists with scheduling interviews.  Researchers help gather ideal candidates and insert necessary information into the database. The recruiting coordinators help schedule interviews on both sides of the coin (candidate and client). This enables the recruiters to focus on finding the perfect candidate and establishing relationships with those individuals. Additionally, it’s one less thing on the clients’ plates.

The company’s professionalism is above reproach; our sense of urgency for our clients is the number one priority; and our expertise in digital media allows us to find the right candidates with the necessary skills to fill our clients’ needs.

Clients and candidates know that they can communicate with our team members at almost any time. If candidates or clients contact us with an urgent need, someone on our team will respond immediately.  Our staff is sensitive to time-zone differences, holidays and weekends.  Everyone on our team is committed to resolving unforeseen issues as soon as we are made aware of them.

To summarize: clients give us parameters; sourcers get to researching; recruiters find the best candidates, and the schedulers arrange the interviews.

When a new “Pillar” starts, they are subjugated to several hours of training. During these training sessions, he/she learns and understands the digital media industry in detail.  Training, however, is not just limited to a few hours of orientation. It’s an on-going process. It is understood that every team member is expected to stay up-to-date on industry news.

We firmly believe the TPR team is 100 percent dependable in their commitment to fulfill the needs of both clients and candidates.  Reliability allows our team to stand out in the recruiting business. We make a special effort to understand and manage clients’ and candidates’ expectations. Reliability is a consistent goal for Three Pillars.

There just aren’t enough words to tell you how extraordinarily talented the Three Pillars Team is. Work with us and find out!