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Are You Too Eager of a Candidate?

Posted on January 18, 2016 in Recruiting 101

Going into interviews, it is definitely encouraged to ask questions. It shows your interest in the company, the position, and all-around a curiosity to learn and grow. Asking questions about the company culture, and the structure, are definitely good questions to ask during the process, they show your interest However, certain questions are not the best to ask in an interview setting.

Where Would My Desk Be?

Sure, you’re envisioning yourself at the company. But is the hiring manager? This is a grey area kind of question, because depending on the energy of the conversation it could be alright. However, the first interview is probably not the best time and place to ask something like this.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

This is not the best thing to ask at the very beginning of the interview process. You haven’t even met more than on person yet! Showing too much confidence leads to giving off arrogance, which is a definite deal breaker for some companies. 

Did I Get The Job?

This shows you are way too eager. Everyone understands that applying and interviewing for a new job is exciting and nerve wracking. But asking the hiring manager if you’re getting an offer is showing too much excitement, and almost desperation. The hiring managers want to make sure that you’re the right fit for their company culture. You should take your time thinking about the role as well.

Everyone likes the idea of a shiny new job. But with all interviews, one must gauge the interest of the hiring manager, and match their energy. Being overeager does tend to scare people away. Although you may be excited about the new opportunity, the hiring manager may not be all that excited about you. Relax! Treat the interview as if it’s just another conversation with a normal person.