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Differences Between a Best-in-Class Digital Media Recruiter and a Wish-Granting Genie

Posted on October 7, 2014 in Industry Insight

Although the similarities between a top-notch digital media recruiter and a regular digital recruiter may be overwhelming, the subtle nuances result in there being two distinct camps. I hope the following can serve as a guide to better understanding the differences.

• An excellent recruiter should have a solid understanding of the candidates’ industry based on research and staying up to date on current trends.

• An excellent genie has been trapped in a lamp for thousands of years so will want to do everything they can to confuse candidates with irony. “Be careful what you wish for…”

• A recruiter should understand what a candidate does and their desired career trajectory.

• A genie will not be able to understand nor empathize with such things as they are immortal, and their union has a rigid structure in place.

Now the above may be clear cut (and reveal my personal resentments toward, and keen insights about, wish-granting tales) but here’s where the confusion lies:

• A skilled recruiter will present a candidate roles which fit their career trajectory and interests. If the roles are in line with reality there should be an expectation of a slightly higher salary and increased responsibilities.

• A genie will provide candidates with riches and jewels beyond their wildest dreams—- a promotion from a two-year ad-trafficker position (after being unemployed for six months) to CEO of Google, complete with a self-driving Lexus and founders equity—-YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!

• Through a recruiter, the process will require the candidate to send an updated resume (no, a LinkedIn profile is not good enough) that has AT LEAST been through spell check if not also reviewed for grammatical errors. Unlike some super shady-shade balls out there, a top recruiter will then send it to ONLY that company for the discussed role (I’ve heard some horror stories). The recruiter should expect to hear back within 24-48 hours.

• If the company is interested then phone calls and face-to-face interviews will follow. These will require a candidate to spend at least 15-30 minutes reviewing the company, role and background of anyone he/she will be speaking with. After the interviews candidates should send their recruiter their thoughts and ALWAYS SEND A THANK-YOU NOTE to whomever they spoke with.

• A genie will be able to bend the basic elements of reality and the universe to get candidates this impossible role faster than two shakes of a jack-rabbit’s tushy.

• A recruiter will walk a candidate through the process and be his/her advocate until he/she receives a great offer for a challenging role at an exciting company that will further his/her career.

• A genie will spit in your hair (probably).

I hope I have cleared up any misconceptions. Please don’t feel bad if you have expected recruiters to perform miracles—it happens all the time.