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Is Recruiting Really Even Sales!?

Posted on June 1, 2015 in Recruiting 101

Interested in being an agency recruiter? Well, that depends.

Recruiting is often overlooked as a “sales” job. When I tell people that I am a recruiter they almost always conjure up images of corporate recruiting jobs in where inbound resumes and applications are plentiful and recruiters but really only know one corporation (albeit many different types of roles).
However, agency recruiting is much different and is a sales role. As recruiters, we must go out and find candidates, know many different types of companies and be flexible with different processes. (On top of that, recruiters need to find the job openings as well!) This isn’t easy and takes a lot of patience!
I would even argue that recruiting is actually a very difficult form of sales. To illustrate: imagine that you want to buy a car. You do a ton of research on possible makes and models including reading tons of reviews and pricing research. You narrow it down to a few makes and models that suit you the best. You then do a ton of more research to find the right car dealer that would have your choices within your price range. You select a dealer, show up, find your ideal car and perhaps haggle a little on price. You agree on a price and right before you sit down and drive it off the lot the car looks up at you and says: “Meh – I think I’ll wait for the next guy.”

Our products are our candidates – living, breathing things with minds of their own. (I often joke that we are “human traffickers”.) Cars do not have a choice in who drives them off the lot…….imagine trying to sell that!

So, yes! Recruiting is sales. If you are thinking about becoming a recruiter it is important to note the difference between agency recruiting and corporate recruiting……and you should definitely want to be in a sales role!