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LinkedIn Endorsements becoming comparable to Facebook Likes

Posted on February 12, 2015 in Recruiting 101

If you are a LinkedIn pioneer, you have seen several updates throughout the years, and one of the most recent is where you can emphasize your “skills” and “endorsements” can give you credibility in said skills. But does this really help in the long term job hunt?
Well…depends on how you look at it.
Some endorsements that I, personally, have include journalism, social media and video. Am I in a career relating to video production/journalism? No. There isn’t a direct correlation between your endorsements and what you actually do half of the time. It can reflect on past endeavors, and/or what you have done in the past. Sometimes you can just reflect someone “endorsing” you as if they were liking a Facebook status, or favoriting a tweet. There can be some underlying tones in there, but what do you know? It’s immediate positive feedback!
I’m not saying that the 50+ endorsements for sales is not going to reflect greatly, but it wouldn’t reflect as well as a heartfelt recommendation from a client or a former supervisor. A good comparison can be with reviews on Amazon. There are several items online, and there are even more reviews of said items. Would you as a consumer buy an item with several 5-star ratings, but no reason behind it? Or would you buy an item with a 4.5 star rating, and several very good reasons why this item deserves that rating? Employers are doing their research on you, the candidate. The more in-depth positive information they can find about you, the better!
So the short-hand conclusion: endorsements don’t really mean anything. A lot of endorsements could reflect a positive light on you as an employee, but it wouldn’t compare to a recommendation from someone that you worked with.