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Meet TPR: Azi Zimmerman

Posted on February 17, 2015 in Inside Three Pillars

This weeks Meet TPR is all about Azi Zimmerman. Azi has been a part of the Three Pillars team since June of 2014. He’s originally from New Jersey, and is still getting used to the slower, southern culture here in Atlanta. But he’s enjoying his time here with his wife, Emily and his fierce Yorki, Beans.

1) If you were sorted into a house at Hogwarts, which one would you be sorted into?
I wouldn’t necessarily attend Hogwarts. Rather due to my Bulgarian lineage I believe I would be a better fit for Durmstrang Institute.

Watch yourself, Victor Krum

2)What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta?

The Costco is much emptier than the one in Passaic NJ. Way better experience.

3) Like Superman has Kryptonite, what is your weakness?

As seen in the many pictures he has of Beans on his phone.


You can check out his LinkedIn Profile, along with the rest of the team on our About Us page smile