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Meet TPR: Stephen Wettstein

Posted on January 13, 2015 in Inside Three Pillars

Stephen W

Our first “Meet TPR” post is all about our director of recruiting, Stephen Wettstein. Stephen works at the Atlanta office, and has been with Three Pillars Recruiting for over 2 years.

In his own words…
I’m that annoying guy who incorporates movie quotes into everyday conversation. I am an avid fan and early adopter of consumer electronics and love collecting DVDs/Blu-rays. You’ll likely find me at the local arthouse theater on the weekends or the nearest comic shop. Huge fan of video games and board games, one would say I’m quite eclectic!

What do you like most about Three Pillars?

The best part about Three Pillars is speaking with candidates. There is no greater challenge than instantly qualifying and matching each individual candidate to the right opportunity: based on their experience and preferences. Each candidate is a new challenge!

Where would the Hogwarts Sorting Hat Send Him To?

If I were sorted into a Hogwarts House, I would be Ravenclaw – for their innate curiosity and love of learning. When I started at Three Pillars, I devoted all my energy towards mastering the Digital Media industry and used my curiosity to constantly absorb knowledge about it.

If he could be a social media outlet, he would be…

If I could choose to be any social media, it would be Facebook! Too much negativity on Twitter, and too many selfies on Instagram!

You can check out Stephen’s LinkedIn here!

Stay tuned for more “Meet TPR” posts!