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Taking a leap & Throwing Yourself into an Uncomfortable Situation can lead to Discovering a Passion

Posted on October 13, 2014 in Industry Insight

While interviewing for an Executive Recruiter position with Three Pillars Recruiting, I told Eric Adelman, President and Co-founder, “I don’t know a single thing about digital media.”

“That’s fine, he said. We don’t expect you to.” Immediate confusion set in… First, I asked myself why I was interested in entering an industry I knew nothing about. Second, why was the President of the company completely OK with me not knowing anything about the industry? This is where our story begins.

My first day at TPR, I asked my team manager for advice on how to best learn the industry. The answer he gave me was not the answer I expected, nor the answer I wanted. He told me to dive in and begin working. What seemed at the time to be horrible advice, turned out to be exactly what I needed. 

What proved to be true is that the best way to learn an industry you know nothing about, is to talk to the people who eat, sleep, and breathe it. So I sat down at my desk, picked up the phone and started to dial.
Have you ever had that moment when you realize, “Wow, I have NO idea what I’m doing?” Well, if you have then you can imagine how I felt making that first phone call. I’ve always prided myself on being able to communicate with people. Why was I feeling so nervous? I mean, it’s not like I’ve never talked to anyone on the phone before. It so happens that my nerves resulted from me being in an unfamiliar territory, which in turn made me uncomfortable. I knew I’d be talking to people who had YEARS of experience, and I only had about a day’s worth of knowledge in digital media.

In my first month of recruiting I had many people say, “You’re a new recruiter, aren’t you?” It was that obvious. However, I kept my manager’s advice in the back of my mind, and persevered. I spoke with people from various companies in the space and continued making calls. As a result of these conversations, though very uncomfortable at first, not only did I become a better recruiter, but I gained a passion in an area I barely knew existed.

Lou Tice said, “If you want to grow, you need to expand your comfort zones. Comfort zones can be our safes, but they can also be prisons of our own making.”

My way of growing, was to throw myself into a new, uncomfortable situation. Though it was hard at first, I stuck with it. I kept fighting, and as a result I learned more about an exciting and rapidly growing industry. More importantly, I discovered more about myself.

Working to expand my comfort zones allowed me to begin what I hope to be a successful and lasting career in the Digital Media industry. I hope my story serves as a helpful tool in allowing you to expand your comfort zones and begin something amazing.