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What Makes Three Pillars Recruiting Sourcers Different than any Other Sourcers?

Posted on September 17, 2014 in Inside Three Pillars

It’s a question I had to ask myself before writing this post. I could say it’s our intelligence, our talent, or even our desire to succeed. However, if I had to be honest, it’s our closeness as a team.

We do not outsource sourcing at Three Pillars. We have a team of dedicated sourcers whose job is to find the right candidate for the right position, and subsequently hand off that curated list of people to the recruiters. The recruiters are the ones who then reach out to these designated individuals and help them obtain their ideal job.

Sourcing is viewed as an integral part of the recruitment process. We are as much a visible face of the company as is the President or CEO.  A strategic sourcer is often one of the first faces the prospective candidate will see and is likely to reach out to. 

The environment in which we work is amazingly conducive toward the continued and increased success we’ve had as a team and business. Each person in the company is easily accessible at all times. I was there when our Director of Recruiting bought his first house, and I’ve shared sushi with my CEO. It is our close bonds as friends and coworkers that make Three Pillars such an amazing company to work for.

I can bore you to death by walking you through the intricacies and trade secrets of how we do what we do, but that’s not really the point of this post. What makes a Three Pillars Recruiting sourcer different than any other sourcer is the family-like bond we share, which enables us to learn and grow from one another, thereby increasing our success.