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What’s Hot in Digital Media

Posted on August 19, 2014 in Industry Insight

Thoughts about what we know best – the hot parts of the digital media and ad-tech space: programmatic, mobile, video and social.

The common denominator from the “hot” parts of the space is the inventory or ad-tech that is being sold – ultimately to agencies and brands. These are high ROI-based and low CPM-type inventory, which is usually direct-response related (if not in fact).

Programmatic – While this term is generally used as a buzzword and means different things to different people, it typically refers to the automated buying and selling of media throughout the space. I personally synonymize the “programmatic space” with the RTB space. The programmatic space was created to handle the remnant and remnant of the remnant inventory.

Mobile – This part of the space is generally reserved for “mobile first,” which specifically focuses exclusively on mobile media and/or ad-tech. Mobile companies are almost inherently ROI-based, as much of mobile is about location, location, location and are very analytics-driven (we can discuss this at length in a future post).

Video – This portion of the space is usually reserved for “video first” companies that specifically focus on video media and/or ad-tech. While video inventory is generally higher CPM and considered “branded” advertising, video-first companies are there to answer the question: “How can I make video ads more engaging?” (thus aiming for higher ROI).

Social – This part of the space really varies. I’ve seen this refer to regular media companies that only use social data, social networks, social ad-networks, social SaaS and other social-type companies. All social companies are concerned with ROI as the social space lends itself to this type of play.

At the end of the day, it’s curious why this part of the space makes up one of the “hottest” spots when the ad-spend from this side is dwarfed by the “premium” market. Perhaps that would be a great subject to write about. However, it’s interesting to point out these are in fact the hottest areas. 

Until next time…