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Who’s The King of Digital Media?

Posted on September 8, 2014 in Industry Insight

Companies in the process of expanding all have one thing in common—marketing. Are you familiar with any of the following phrases?

(1) Content is king. (2) Data is everything. (3) It’s the year of mobile. (4) Videos are where it’s at.

The phrases above are simply marketing gimmicks. Hundreds of companies are competing with a large pool of technology offerings to win the so-called “King of Digital” title, press and earnings. Therefore, whether it is the CEO or CMO of a digital start-up who is selling his firm to potential clients; Wall Street analysts looking for the next IPO boom; or a hiring manager wooing talent, each industry promotes its own technologies.

The leaders of these companies strive to use the best technology in the digital media world in an effort to produce better results for their clients.  In doing so, they are constantly shuffling between the agencies that allow them access to these technologies. This is turn causes a “deer in the headlights” feeling for the hard-working employees.

There is a constant battle for budgets, and sellers are facing stiff competition as audience size and location become increasingly fluid. Buyers are finding that automation and desks are making their positions fewer and riskier thus putting their futures in jeopardy. And is it worth it?

Does a “King of Digital” truly exist? And if so, does this mean other sectors in the digital media space are slowly dying?

With new technology constantly introduced, how do you know if your current role in the digital media space will turn into a successful and lasting career? The answer is simple. As long as employees continue to challenge themselves by working hard and being innovative, any job will prove valuable.  It is important professionals in the digital media space:

1. Gain experience in one sector or vertical
2. Move around to gain cross-sector experience in a whole suite of offerings

Why you ask? An employee who has experience only with display advertising will find it challenging to transition to new and different opportunities. He/she will have to work hard to show employers they are worth the risk—that they are able to continue to learn and innovate. Whereas, an employee who has experience in mobile, search and video with three companies over five years would make an IDEAL candidate for a search re-targeting company that uses search intent data to optimize the delivery of video ads to mobile/tablet devices.

We are in an era of Web 3.0 where any method of utilizing cross-platform data can instantly produce IPO-worthy revenues. This is a multi-billion dollar industry with endless opportunities. Thus, there is not one designated “King of Digital.” Anybody and everybody can be a king when they work hard and use their skills to turn ideas into reality.