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Our Focus

We do one thing, and we do it really well: We specialize in positions related to digital/new media. Our focused approach provides our clients with the comfort of knowing that their search partner is knowledgeable about their business, its offerings and all the intricacies inherent in an industry that is rapidly expanding and evolving. We speak your language, and we take the time to gain a full understanding of every client's value proposition and core strengths in order to effectively attract the ideal talent pool.

In addition to buzzwords, every website needs an infographic. How do we view the space? Here's how:

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Video Ad Platforms, Video DSP?s, Video Content & Syndication, Ad Serving, Connected/Interactive TV, Video Content Personalization


projected increase in Digital video advertising spending this year from $4.14 billion in 2013 to $5.75 billon in 2014.

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Retail/ E-Commerce

Group Buying, Flash Sales, Daily Deals, Retail Sites


expected growth in 2014 in US retail ecommerce sales.

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Audience Data, Data Management Platforms (DMP?s), Data Exchanges, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics/Marketing Optimization


of the top 200 brands are using a DMP

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Programmatic Buying Solutions

Demand Side Platforms (DSP's), Supply Side Platforms (SSP's), Facebook Exchange, Ad Exchanges, Real Time Bidding (RTB) Platforms, Trading Desks


growth over the last 6 months in Programmatic buying

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Twitter/Facebook Ad Platforms, Facebook Exchange, PMD?s, Social Gaming, Social Networks/Social Tools, Social Commerce, Social Data

7 Billion

Ad Impressions Served by Facebook Ad Exchange Daily. 6 Billion Minutes are spent on Facebook Each day.

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Leading Music, Lifestyle and Pop Culture sites, Content Discovery Platforms, Music Platforms, Branded Entertainment


Hours of Video Content is uploaded to Youtube Every Minute

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E-Commerce, Social, Mobile, Video


ad revenue reached in Q3 of 2012

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Marketing Automation

Display/Social/Mobile, Search (SEM/SEO) Platforms, Retail Personalization/Monetization


The amount of data that will be stored in the world by 2020. One zettabyte is the equivalent of streaming 36 million years of HDTV video

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Mobile Gaming, Mobile Rich Media, Content Discovery Platforms, Mobile Ad Serving, Mobile DSP?s, Mobile Exchange, Mobile Ad Networks


The number of mobile-connected computing devices in use by 2016, up from less than 7 billion in 2012.

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Ad Networks

Mobile, Video, Tablet, Display, Social, Retargeting, Gaming


Tablet Users in the US, up 62.8% YoY