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Data Driven Campaigns: Politics Today

Posted on February 1, 2016 in Industry Insight

The Iowa Caucuses are today, which means we all can officially celebrate the start of election season. But in the digital space that we live in, there is no clue what kind of advantages and disadvantages there are in terms of bringing in more voters. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Ted Cruz was able to raise over $1 million dollars for his campaign after announcing he was going to run. A lot of that was because he boasted the 10 staffers he hired that held “PhDs in Behavioral Science and Analytics.” While that was going on, Hillary Clinton vowed to bring in thousands of techies into her campaign, which shows the importance of Data in politics today.

The use of data has shown to be the “most useful” out of all methods to carry over previous voters and bring in new voters every election year. One can examine what has worked in campaigns past and what should be changed based upon interaction trends and inbound marketing, so to speak. Data is nowadays an extremely important tool in the political sector, and the party that has used that data to its real advantage is the Democratic Party.

Democratic candidates, from 2004-2012, have hired over 500 staffers just to focus on digital, data, and analytics. It overshadows the 120 staffers hired by Republicans. This obviously is shown by how the campaigns were ran amongst parties, but because of the trends in elections past, this gives the Democratic Party a leg up in the world of campaign analytics.

Gaining expertise in analytics poses a huge challenge, and gathering that data is something very daunting for any campaign, regardless of party or viewpoint. With the use of social media and digital advertisements, the days of the lawn signs are indeed over. Campaign staffers have a new realm to learn about, and hopefully they are able to really push forward.