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Good Marketing: Only As Good as Its Product

Posted on January 25, 2016 in Industry Insight

Several years ago, there was a large internet hype for a movie, and when the movie came out it became merely a cult classic. The movie is only brought out when someone is “craving” some actor or something absolutely ridiculous.

That movie was Snakes on a Plane. Personally, I am not a fan of this movie.

What we can learn from this today, is that marketing is only as good as its product. You can blast social platforms, create so much excitement for a product, and if that product ends up being a dud in person, that marketing is wasted.

Marketing teams need to examine and really study the product they are broadcasting. For example, if the product being marketed is a smartphone, what will the average person benefit from switching to this phone? Does this phone scream luxury or practicality?

For something like a marketing solution, the product must be studied, and almost personified in order to be marketed well. Examination of whom would use the solution, how the solution would be used and why the solution works are all things to factor into its marketing. And knowing the product and how good this product can be are extremely important.

Large marketing campaigns blanketing all demographics is basically the shotgun theory, and it’s not the best practice. That would reflect greatly on your product, and if a large percentage of your audience doesn’t understand the “good product,” your marketing strategy isn’t very good either. Good marketing is only as good as its product; and the good product is left up to the audience’s interpretation.