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Mobile Fueling Society’s Desire for Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on January 25, 2016 in Industry Insight

How many of you readers own a fitbit? Better yet, how many of you own a smartphone? Technology today has turned its eyes to our health and that lifestyle in order to make sales. That means that mobile applications are at the forefront of health related applications.

What do apps have to do with healthy living? The market for an app to help people track their fitness, their diet, their sleep patterns, is booming. It makes things easier for the consumer, and it is a perfect storm of creativity and execution for app developers and marketers.

Along with mobile apps, the use of wearables have been complementing the mobile charge for healthy living. Fitbits, Jawbones and glorified pedometers can now sync with mobile apps to let you know how many steps or flights of stairs you have completed in any given moment. The possibilities are endless!

What this means for those in the digital space, is that those interested in mobile with a dash of healthy living are in a huge competition. Companies like Pact, ClassPass, Waybetter and many others are going head to head in creating the best fitness apps and technologies on the market. And although your idea may cater to certain people, does it cater to a lot of certain people? Or a little?

Get moving.