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Office Dress Code: What (Not) To Wear

Posted on January 18, 2016 in Recruiting 101, Industry Insight

While interviewing at companies, something to observe while you’re walking around the potential office is, “what are these people wearing?” This gives you a great idea on what the company culture will turn out to be if that interview becomes an offer.

Let’s fast forward a few weeks. You signed your offer letter, gave two weeks’ notice to your old job, and now you’re up in the morning for your first day at your new job. You’re probably excited, nervous, and yet ready to learn. You’re looking at your closet trying to figure out what to wear…

Here are some best practices for what to wear in the office.

On your first day, dress in your Sunday Best.

Sunday Best is a relative term. Meaning if the office is more “Business Professional” wear your best suit, or if the office is casual wear your nice jeans and a pair of nice shoes. When a new person comes in wearing their best, it shows that you are ready to take on your new job. It also gives your new co-workers something to talk to you about. “Hey, I like those jeans, where did you get them?” Boom, conversation starter.

Don’t Go Overboard On Colors

In more professional environments, suits are the norm, as are more subdued and neutral color palettes. Wearing a bright blue blouse with a charcoal-grey pencil skirt may seem cute to you, but the brightness might not be received well by upper management. To be safe, keep tops and bottoms in whites, greys, creams and blacks. This also applies to accessories; that statement necklace should be saved for date night or casual Friday.

Unless You’re In a Creative Environment

Creative workplaces are definitely exceptions to the neutral rule. Colors are welcomed, and sometimes encouraged. Of course, looking professional is key, but your green oxford would look great with a pair of pink cropped pants.

Above all, look sharp

Ever heard of the saying, “Look sharp, think sharp?” Yeah, it’s definitely true. When you dress up for work in a sharp outfit, you’re more confident. Confidence is conveyed in your work, and you are more inclined to produce quality work during the day.

Look sharp, do work!