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Platform Roulette: Which Platform is Best For Your Content

Posted on January 25, 2016 in

The dream is to go viral. Whatever content you may be concocting is going to be so good, that everyone is going to notice, and share, and retweet, and regram, and your company is going to have so many leads and customers. And you all live happily ever after.

This is idealistic, and all around unrealistic.

Marketing to your audience is a strategic game of trial and error, and something as small as picking the right platform is a very important step in the process. There are a lot of questions that you’ll need to ask yourself and your marketing team. There are also some choices you have to make as a team.

Who Is Your Demographic?

Are you trying to market towards mothers? Veterans? Young Professionals? This could determine at least one or two of your platform choices. For example, younger audiences can be found on Twitter and Instagram, whereas older, more professional audiences frequent Linkedin.

What Kind of Message Are You Sending?

Are you trying to broadcast a whitepaper or a new design template. Design templates and how-tos are great for Pinterest, since a lot of DIY-ers (and wannabe DIY-ers) scour Pinterest for their next project. Does the design template look good through your phone? A Snapchat could catch the eyes of a lot of young folks.

Now Pick Two.

But there are so many different platforms that we really, really like and we just want to use all of them. Using all of them is a bad idea, so pick two and stick to them. If you feel you are going to be broadcasting content in a more consistent manner, pick something like Twitter. If a lot of your material is visual, pick Instagram or Pinterest. There are a lot of different social platforms to choose from, and there are two that will work perfectly for your marketing strategy.

The amount of platforms that are coming into the space is overwhelming, and marketing visionaries are thinking of different ways to get their message to the masses. Some have kept true to just Facebook and Twitter, others have gone unorthodox routes by using Tinder and YikYak. Whatever your team chooses, be ready to analyze, brand and rebrand. Because the social space is constantly changing and providing good content that would bring in traffic is a game of trial and error, and “go with the flow.”