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  • Almost everyone on my management team was brought to me by Three Pillars.” - James Green, Magnetic
  • They hustle and there's no challenge that they can't meet.” - Jason Baptiste, Onswipe
  • I consistently refer Three Pillars first and foremost.” – Frans Vermeulen, FreeWheel
  • They are true partners in building the business.” - Jason Baptiste, Onswipe
  • Our US offices have been staffed primarily by Three Pillars.” - Frans Vermeulen, FreeWheel
  • My experience in working with Three Pillars has been fantastic.”- Paul Rostowski, Varick Media Management
  • Several of my senior leadership team came sourced via Three Pillars.” – Paul Rostowski, Varick Media Management
  • When they say "Trust me, meet this person," inevitably the person is worth meeting.” - Barry Lowenthal, Media Kitchen

Using our large personal and professional networks in conjunction with a sophisticated talent management software, Three Pillars Recruiting specializes in finding the best possible candidates for your opening. We specialize in technology because we're tech-geeks ourselves. And because we personally vet each and every candidate in our database, you can rest assured that the talent we send your way is top-notch.

Our Process

1. Discover

We begin each new search by learning as much about your requirements and environment as possible. We'll help you define exactly what you're looking for and recommend search parameters and target-companies to consider. Because we know this industry like nobody's business, we're able to make sure that your search is hyper focused.

2. Search

Once we understand the profile you're looking for, we leverage our database of over 250,000 candidates and identify the top prospects for your open position. In a typical search we will speak with literally hundreds of people to identify every active or passive candidate who can get the job done right.

3. Share

Once we have identified a qualified candidate, we will email you that person's resume along with a brief summary of their qualifications. Our support staff will then arrange all of the logistics to make sure the interviews are properly coordinated. We'll then follow-up with you after the meeting to gauge feedback and re-direct the search when necessary. While the number of submitted candidates for each search will vary, every candidate we submit will be qualified for the role and plausibly closeable at a reasonable compensation package.

4. Monitor

Once our candidate is cruising along, we'll check regularly to ensure the the process continues to progress. We're sure things will go smoothly, but if not, we'll work to get the right person in there.

5. Close

It ain't over till it's over, and our job is not finished simply because an offer has been presented. Whether we're pre-closing the candidate, working proactively to head off possible counter-offers, getting an offer letter signed or helping with transition, we are there for you the whole way through.


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