Why Go Retained?

When your search is senior enough, critical enough or unusual enough, there is simply no substitute for the commitment and dedication you will see when engaging our RetainedPlus service. If you have a search that you know will present far more difficulty than an average hard-to-fill opening, going retained gives your recruiting partner the motivation and confidence to put all of their eggs in your search's basket. When the relationship is cemented by a retainer, the level of mutual commitment allows us to go even deeper and spend even more time making sure every possible qualified candidate is uncovered, and also gives both sides the confidence to fully invest in the relationship. We're in this together.

Our Process

If you're looking to hire a plain ol' Account Manager with two years of experience, RetainedPlus is not for you. Any firm that suggests a retainer for a standard role should be eliminated from your consideration set. But there are times when a higher level of service is warranted.

RetainedPlus is for your organization if:

  • The company has hit a brick wall, and a large number of candidates have expressed disinterest or declined an offer.
  • Other recruiting resources have failed, and potential candidates who have already been bombarded with information about the role need to be re-sold in a professional manner.
  • The nature of the search is confidential, whether for reasons relating to competitive trade secrets or because it involves the replacement of an existing key employee.
  • The company is still in it's infancy and does not yet have the internal resources needed to manage the search process.
  • The open position will be among the company's first US employees.
  • The company has undergone a negative event or has a negative impression in the marketplace, requiring a recruiting partner who can re-educate appropriate candidates on the value propositions.

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